Bee and the Flowers

When I showed these photographs to my friends, many felt that it was retouched in photoshop; How wrong where they! Honestly it may look like it has been retouched in photoshop, especially the first one, but that is not the case. Its just proper use of the camera settings.
Firstly I spotted a bee, hovering around the vicinity of these flowers, I quickly set my tripod near one of the flowers, anticipating that the bee would soon land on it. The Photograph was a macro shot and I first focused on the flower on which the bee is sitting and reframed the shot and then waited for the bee to come. Sure enough the bee did land on the flower and I went click click click.... The Blur of the other flowers is due to the large aperture and the macro mode setting of the camera,. Now in the Lower photograph, I have used the same technique, but increased the sharpness level on the camera.


White Lotus

This small flower blossomed for about 5 hours in the morning before closing again, perfect time to enjoy the aroma and photograph the beauty.
The upper two photographs are macro photography, but I had a problem with the lowest photograph. When I was over the flower to take the photograph, my image and camera was reflected over the water surface and also I was casting a shadow on the lotus. To overcome this I stood at a distance above the lotus and zoomed in on the flower.


Ixora Coccinea

Photograph of Ixora Coccinea, clicked early in the morning, when the dew was still present. You can see the reflections on the water droplets and this gives the photograph a fresh feel. Well sometimes when photographing flowers, sprinkling a few drops of water on the flower is advisable. This gives the flowers a " Just bloomed " feel and makes the photograph more lively.
The plant is commonly called as "Flame of the woods"
Photograph details: 5mm , f/3.2 , 1/160

P.S.: The differences between the widely cultivated I. chinensis and I. coccinea are sometimes obscure as a result of selection for rare or extreme forms. Accidental or deliberate hybridization appears to occur.Warning, this may be the Ixora chinensis instead of I. coccinea. The former has rounded petals and smoother leaves, the latter sharp pointed petals and more 'hilly' leaves.


Red Bell

Macro Photograph with 1cm focal Length and 1/125 sec (.008 sec) exposure.The early morning dew drops reflect the fence surrounding the plant. If you closely observe you can even see the camera tripod.
The photograph was taken at maximum aperture to achieve a shallow depth of field.



A caterpillar with its defensive Urticating hair, Macro Photograph.


Pink Blossoms

New arrivals in my garden. Photographed in Macro mode.


Flower of the Coconut tree

Although the Coconut tree is Tall and its fruit big , its flowers are tiny in comaprison, this photograph was taken with Macro Mode,as it layed on some moss.


Red Triplets

Flowers being beautiful are easy to photograph, but making the photograph look unique is a challenge.


Pink Magic

Spotted these lovely flowers in Korea , the sun rays just enhanced their colour for this beautiful photograph.