Bee and the Flowers

When I showed these photographs to my friends, many felt that it was retouched in photoshop; How wrong where they! Honestly it may look like it has been retouched in photoshop, especially the first one, but that is not the case. Its just proper use of the camera settings.
Firstly I spotted a bee, hovering around the vicinity of these flowers, I quickly set my tripod near one of the flowers, anticipating that the bee would soon land on it. The Photograph was a macro shot and I first focused on the flower on which the bee is sitting and reframed the shot and then waited for the bee to come. Sure enough the bee did land on the flower and I went click click click.... The Blur of the other flowers is due to the large aperture and the macro mode setting of the camera,. Now in the Lower photograph, I have used the same technique, but increased the sharpness level on the camera.